What were the first fire hydrants??
​Water pipes used to be made of wood!! Firefighters would have to chop a hole in the pipe to fight a fire, then plug it with a “fire plug” when they were done! After many years, the fire hydrant was invented to make firefighting safer and more efficient!! (Please see our Points of Interest for a full story!)
Why did fire houses have fire poles??
The fire pole was put in place so the firefighters could easily get down stairs when the bell rang for a fire!
How heavy is the firefighter gear??
All the clothes and gear that firefighters have to carry can weigh up to 4 or 5 car tires!!  (Please see our Points of Interest for a full story!)
 Why did firehouses have spiral staircases??
Many years ago, when horses pulled the fire wagons, the firehouses used to have spiral staircases to prevent the horses from climbing the stairs!
Where did the fire horses live??
The horses were stabled in the firehouses, ready to go at the sound of the fire alarm!! Their harnesses were hung from
special hooks in the equipment bays, ready for the big horses to be buckled in quickly!!
Why are fire trucks red??
When cars were first invented, they were all painted black! So to help clear the roads when a fire truck was coming through, they painted them red so everyone would see them rushing to an emergency!

Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center

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Why are there firedogs??
Firedogs were used to protect the horses that pulled the firewagons from other dogs and animals while running to an emergency! (Please see our Points of Interest for a full story!)
Can girls be firefighters??
Women have been in the fire service since the 1800’s!! To become a firefighter, there are rules and training you have to follow to keep the public and fellow firefighters safe! But when you work hard and believe in yourself, you can be any profession you want to be!!