Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center

A tribute to all of our heroes, active, retired and fallen. For all to enjoy, learn and honour.

Our gardens are graciously maintained, planted and donated by the Members of the Fall River Garden Club.

October 21st, 2018

Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center is pleased to announce we are offering spaces in our site for:


​                            LOTS OF SPACE LEFT!!!!!!!!  CALL OR EMAIL TODAY!!!

​With a $300 donation, your motorcycle can be safely stored in our heated, concrete floored, regularly checked building for the whole duration of the winter!  We will provide a tax receipt for your donation to the RFIC for your storage, and you may claim that amount on your taxes this coming year!

​To store your motorcycle with us, send us an email at or call our President Dave Dodsworth at (9​02) 865-7458.  We will make an appointment time with you to arrive with your motorcycle at our site located at 3214 Hwy#2 in Fall River, to park your bike at that time. (Donation will be required before accepting your motorcycle for storage.)

We look forward to looking after your two-wheeled baby this coming winter!!!