Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center

A tribute to all of our heroes, active, retired and fallen. For all to enjoy, learn and honour.

May 4th, 2016

We have two things to cover today:

Firstly and very much important...
Over the last few days, we all as Canadians, have been devastated by the wildfires in Fort MacMurray, AB. 
Here at Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center, it saddens our hearts to see the loss of homes, businesses, belongings, and livelihoods. But to know that there has been not a single life lost is a great relief.
We have been following the now state of emergency in Fort MacMurray, and we know that it’s not over yet for our brothers working to extinguish the flames. The danger is still very real for flare ups and the potential for the loss of life is very much present.
Our thoughts and wells wishes are with everyone in and around Fort MacMurray, with those people directly and indirectly effected, and we send our love and hope for speedy rebuilding.

Second, on a lighter note....
We wish to announce...  Drum roll please......
Our Grand Re-Opening!!!!
Yes, that’s right!!!  The time has finally arrived!!!  Come join us at our museum site, 3214 Highway #2 in Fall River, NS, on June 4th, 2016, for BBQ and fun!!!!  More details to come soon!

Thank you to all who have helped rebuild our beloved museum and hope to see you all there!!!

Our gardens are graciously maintained, planted and donated by the Members of the Fall River Garden Club.