Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center

A tribute to all of our heroes, active, retired and fallen. For all to enjoy, learn and honour.

You may have noticed that out sign has been updated, thanks to the Fall River Area Business Association (F.R.A.B.A.)!!  You will see upcoming community events and other announcements displayed on our sign frequently!

A special thanks goes out to the members at Station 45 in Fall River for repainting the top of the sign for us!  The colours in the logo are so much brighter now!!

July 23 2016

We had an exciting visitor in the month of June!
You may recognize this fine gentleman from your television, but we are delighted to call him our friend!
Mr. Mark Hall-Patton, Administrator for the Clarke County Museums in Nevada, took a stroll through the Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center and spent time speaking to our President, Dave Dodsworth!  While waiting for his flight to depart from Stanfield International Airport, he found our little neck of the woods and stopped for a visit!
Mr. Hall-Patton was kind enough to allow us to let you know about his visit, and had this to say about our collection:
“I did thoroughly enjoy your museum, and was quite happy you are doing the job you are to preserve your history.  I am always happy to support museums and think it is important for us to understand all of our history.”
Thank you to Mr. Hall-Patton for his appreciation of our site! We promise to try our best to keep the integrity of our collection as high as possible!

Our gardens are graciously maintained, planted and donated by the Members of the Fall River Garden Club.