May 21 2020

Nova Scotia has lost three strong women in less

than a month. 

April 19, 2020 - Cst Heidi Stevenson 
April 29, 2020 - SLt(N) Abbigail Cowbrough 
May 17, 2020 - Capt Jennifer Casey 

Our little province has endured much in these 29 days,

including a global pandemic. We mourn all those whom we have lost equally, and together as a province. 
Our provincial flag had been taken down from a period of mourning at my home, just a few days before the loss of Capt Casey. It was re-hung the evening of May 17th, and is still floating gently in the wind. 

Rest peacefully Cst Stevenson, SLt(N) Cowbrough and Capt Casey. Thank you for your service and for all you have done for us. 
#NovaScotiaStrong #novascotiawillremember 

Due to the ongoing State of Emergency in Nova Scotia, the RFIC has paused opening for this season until a clearer picture is presented in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  We are working on cleaning up our sire and new displays, in anticipation of reopening to the public for this season.  Our plans include having supplies for sanitation for our visitors and to wipe displays after visitors depart.

We thank you for your patience and we hope to all be together again soon!

Be kind, be healthy, be safe!!

Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center 


Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center

A tribute to all of our heroes, active, retired and fallen. For all to enjoy, learn and honour.

Our gardens are graciously maintained, planted and donated by the Members of the Fall River Garden Club.